Ar’dalan is inhabited by several major races, created by the Sentiri, of which, humans are believed to be the youngest. Humans are the largest demographic on Azemora, and are known to have settlements on all three continents.

The origins of Humans are debated on the theological level, where evidence of their creation mythos have been challenged by older Elven scripts, as well as curiosities from Dwarven ruins. What is certain, is that Humans, by nearly all accounts, have spread from the north-western shores of Azemora into its heartland, near the end of second-half of the First Era. Earliest documents of this event are dated by Elven accounting of 1E11.20.398, in which grievances were listed due to “human raids,” of Elven settlements in the, now dissolved, Te’vala Dominion.

Humans have a diverse portfolio of cultures and beliefs and societal structures, yet above all else are paragons of adaptability and resilience. It is important to note that, while its beliefs and societal structures are varied, The Rhamada Reign remains the largest and most imposing of Human cultures, with significant affect on these “lesser” cultures.

Many Human cultures do not express a need to reproduce solely within their race, and have many mixed lineages, in what are often called Sub-Races by dominant cultures (viz. Elves and Dwarves). The Rhamada Reign is suspected to have at one point sired children with Elven maidens from diplomatic envoys. While attitudes toward sub-races or any of the other major races vary from region to region or even district to district, it can be said that a general cohesiveness exists within most Human cultures where these aggregations occur.


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