Ar’dalan is inhabited by several major races, created by the Sentiri, of which, the Dwarves are the first.

Naturally strong, forthright, and stubbornly industrious, Dwarves are the third-most populous race on Ar’dalan; or so it is assumed, as many of the Dwarven strongholds lie deep beneath the surface. The Mountain Kings of Azemora and Tal’hasra are considered themselves the most active participants in, sometimes referred derogatorily to as “surfer ’ticing”, or surface-politics.

They are the third-most populous demographically on Azemora. While near homogenous in culture, the Dwarven race has some variations in their societal aspects, where cultures of seafarers and desert dwarves exist. These few exceptions inevitably feed into the same passions which their faiths espouse.

Little is known of their homeland, if any exists. By their holy scripts, called the At’kuma (a giant onyx sphere, which only their priests may touch) they are the Will of Vitality, Resolve, and Curiosity. It is also said, with great effort on retrieval, that their “First King” may learn their text directly. Humans, to many Dwarves are a mystery within creation; one which they have no earnest interest to figure out. While this account is invariably shared by many of the acting Mountain Kings, many of those Dwarves that have rooted in the remote and ancient, or oft abandoned, halls of the Rhamada Reign’s mountains, derogatively denote “mud-men” in their antithetical remarks; a topic, seemingly, trivial to their pursuits.

Dwarves generally have little interest on a poltical-level with surface dwellers, and often give-in to a laissez-faire tradition, and only invoke war, with considerable skill, over surface access and mineral-rights, negotiated in a unwholly seen manner of geometric accuracy. Many of the subteran dominions are said to be extensive, and cross vast oceans (though no real effort to check these claims have been made). While many Elves claim no Dwarf has set foot on Bal’thia, it is also said they have sent numerous emissaries to its near-shore.


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