The Politics of Azemora

Azemora is controlled, more or less, by four major races. These races being Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and the reclusive Oru’cai.


The majority of the continent is controlled by humans, in what is colloquially dubbed “The Three Thrones,”or formally, as The Rhamada Reign, ruled by King Teyvian Deikar. Its greatest rival is the second dominant race, of the Elven Kingdom of Ghallis, controlled by the King Ynis’val of House Uj’nera. The majority of conflict occurring on Azemora has been between these two competing races, with isolated skirmishes with Dwarves, on the borders of the Dwarven Kingdoms, by both Elves and Humans.

It is important to note that while significant conflict is shared between Humans and Elves, their true enmity is unmatched by the Oru’cai, who under current circumstances, are left with little choice but to submit to Elven control. Their original Kingdoms have long been forgotten or lost through time. What little lands they do control are deep within the sphere of Elven control.

The current heads of power do not hesitate to contain their schemes to the shores of Azemora. All three factions of the continent have begun colonizing the eastern continent of Tal’hasra, where Dwarves and Elves have the strongest foothold. However, it is important to note, that while Rhamadian understanding of the continent is nascent, Fahrunefell and King’s Rest have begun receiving diplomats from the 12 Clans of Ozukai. Many of these diplomats seek trade agreements with Rhamadian colonies, as well as beginning embassies within its largest ports. However, many of these negotiations are stalled by opposing Ghallisian representatives.

Rumors circulate that the current heads of power are ineffective, often relying on the aid of mercenary work to achieve its agenda, a point Ghallisian representatives highlight for Ozukai diplomats.


The Politics of Azemora

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