The number of Hill and Mountain giants within Azemora have dwindled with the expansion and vigilant nature of the major races, who see their single-minded existence as a burden. However, on Tal’hasra, there are purportedly a number of various tribes of giants, who attack anyone dumb enough to venture in their territory; especially Rakshasa, Naga, and Dwarves, who they will attack on sight.

With the diverse terrain of Tal’hasra comes a diverse range of giants. Forest Giants are known to tend to jungle ranges, and desert giants are said to roam within the Eternal Dunes. Many accounts from drunken Dwarves detailing the thwarted raiding of their caravans by giants has been noted by many bards. It is also suggested that much of the Eternal Dunes is caused by wayward storm fronts, whose existence is actually the dwellings of mad storm giants. Legends of Demon Gods judging the peoples of Ozukai Clans is compelling comparative analysis.

What these beings are in the place of the Sentiri’s creation is unknown. Remnants of Oru’cai birch scrolls seem suggest they were once groundskeepers of some sort, whose jobs were to keep the flow of the elements on Ar’dalan in check. Along with the Declaration of the Fey, there was a stipulation of adding giants to this domain.

Those who claim ancestry with giants may share similar features of these beings and often find their own place within nature.


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