12 Clans of Ozukai

Early diplomatic relations can be traced as far back as the “East Dominion” conflict, whereby Ozukai refugees washed ashore, and were suspected as “human attempts” to colonize the eastern shores of Azemora, by Dwarven patrols who captured them. Sent to King’s Rest, within Human and Dwarven audience, they gave testimony of the resurgence of the Orc City-States, and the spread of something called the Blight of the Red Sands, along with the Rakshasa fleet that destroyed their trade boats. The details of which they’ve yet to disclose within their testimonies, due to immediate followups by diplomats, who appeared a week later to retrieve their found citizens. It is speculated by Academicians that, Elven spies or profiteers gave over information to Ozukai representatives, to provide an immediate summit of these nations.

These early trade relations, however, do not remove the significant resemblance these two cultures share. It is suggested, through similar aspects within their various literature and mythos, they share a line with the humans of Azemora; a point that still remains firm with the Dwarves, who suspected that Human involvement within their lands was inevitable, and will not be tolerated. However, Humans of Azemora have little record of the events described as the The Three Voyages, and whether these lines promote any responsibility to the Deikar Throne.

1. Dragon Clan
The Clan of the Golden Dragon is controlled by the Emperor Oni’kaizo, the third son of Dragon Emperor Haito. His rule has been challenged by the splintering clans of Snake, Scorpion, and Rat, who are led by the Empress Oni’kaita, who holds rule while the heir of Hachido, second son of Haito, matures. This, along with pressing attacks from Rakshasa soldiers on their doorsteps, leaves little room for them to send much of an emissary presence to King’s Rest. Many of their people make attempts to deal within Fahrunefell, whose portmasters overtax to allow passage under pseudonyms. Even with such extortionate practices, rare ingredients like Phoenix dust are sold tenfold on the black markets.

They were once a spiritual nation, whose armies were commanded unquestioningly by the Dragon Emperor, but at an untimely death, and with an unmarried third son as an eldest family member, the clans have shifted to stronger leadership. Once academicians, tax collectors, and spiritual aids, they have began rebuilding ties with Crab and Crane, to accept more opinions on the direction of the Empire.

2. Snake Clan
The Clan of the Emerald Snake is ruled by acting Empress Oni’kaita, steward for her son Tsai’zo, the only son of Hachido, second son of Haito. She holds the allegiance of Rat and Scorpion, and slowly gains the influence of Crow and Tiger. It is her hope that they see her son as the true Emperor, and offers the resources of the Emperor, and thus offering all the clans a chance to prosper.

The lands of the Emerald Snake hold many of the spies and logicians the Dragon Clan once controlled. Many of the corrupt merchants who bid against the new Emperor moved to Snake’s regions, and now begin to spike the market through Dragon’s ports. Now with the aid of the Empress and the dwindling control of Dragon over Crow, it would seem they have growing interest in a naval presence on its eastern shore, and continue to pressure Crane into more lucrative routes through their ports.

3. Crane Clan
The Clan of the Silver Crane is led by Shogun Uzo’aiwa, nephew of Dragon Emperor Haito, whose father, Shogun Mi’soka, raised at his side. The Crane clan has traditionally been a militaristic one, with a long history of fighting off Horse clan’s attempts to conquer them in the past. While loyal to the true Dragon Emperor, Shogun Uzo’aiwa does not see Oni’kaizo fit to be Emperor, nor does he see Oni’kaita to be a legal steward.

While hesitant to answer the summons of either, his dependency on a strong Dragon clan has been made more evident at its splintering, and fears whether Horse Clan will remain loyal to them for long. For now, it would seem, he is following the lead of Wu Jen Master Uki’do

4. Horse Clan

5. Crab Clan
The Clan of the Diamond Crab is ruled by, Wu Jen Master, Uki’do. The history of the clan is steeped in magical pursuits. With the rulership of the Dragon Emperor they were able to discern the erratic nature of magic within Ozukai and the hostile Shadowlands. Currently preoccupied with the separatists of the Scorpion Clan, his generalist studies and the direction of the clan’s research has been abandoned toward combat.

He remains loyal to Emperor Oni’kaizo only until Tsai’zo has matured, as he is convinced that patrilineal right belongs to him. While he does not agree with the rhetoric of acting Empress Oni’kaita, he understands the threat the Shadowlands and Rakshasa have on the Empire.

6. Turtle Clan
7. Pheonix Clan
8. Scorpion Clan
9. Panda Clan
10. Crow Clan
11. Tiger
12. Rat Clan

12 Clans of Ozukai

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