The Ages


The history of Azemora is generally a cohesive narrative, except for a number of inconsistencies due to conflicting details, as well as evidence against claims. However, there is a general truth to the synchronicity of the sequence of events that neither camps in academic debates can deny. Of these events several have been included in what is a generally accepted historical narrative.

After having fashioned the world of Ar’dalan the Sentiri began setting up the stage for their new race: The Dwarves. It was then that creation began recording itself, with the At’kuma, a figure which even the Elves associate as a true measurement of events, and say their own Al’tesh follows. Little is known of the Oru’cai accounts of this period, if any. From the starting date of 1E03.01.001 begins the Ages of Azemora.

Two Ages have passed since the At’kuma date, and is now well in the third era, an age yet to be defined. The ages are known as: Proto-Creation, the Age of Awakening, and the Age of Kings.

Time in Ar’dalan is of significant interest to the scholars of all races, and remains for many a theoretical realm. Many experiments within both the magical and mundane have provided a keen insight into the nature of the planes. Several clerics have become skilled practitioners of divination, along with scholars of the arcane inventing new methods to break the illusion.

Walking between the liminal veils, where no unquiet mind may tread, I glimpsed the essence of which all motion was made. As sure as the tides were compelled by An’dras and At’na, the tangential arcs of the cosmos became apparent, and with them, the weight of form. My mind once weightless was acutely aware of its existential force. Time was but an illusion.

As the Half-Elf adventurer Lielle postulates within her metaphysics Astral Tethers: A Meditation, written 3E.03.23.002, the fluidic nature of time, as well as the impracticalities of Mystrum on aether corrosion, has often been rigid in its nature by its attachment to planar Mystrum.

That is, time itself being elegantly exact (i.e. every month is 30 days, and Ages 500 years) in the measurement is no coincidence. And that this rate of time is exactly in alignment with measurements found within Mystrum interactions.

The significance of this discovery has been felt throughout much of academia, one which is hoped to define The Third Era.

The Ages

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