Tal’hrasa is a continent of myth and legend; some of which may prove true. It lies far in the east, and as result, it is difficult to create the appropriate anchors to teleport. Many attempts to colonize the continent by the Azemorian races have often resulted in great disaster, with resistance not only from monstrous races, but from the Human Clans of Ozukai. Accounts of reptile-like beings and tigerfolk raiding their outposts is common. Though the continent is out of reach for many it speaks of great fortune for adventurers and entrepreneurs of immense fortitude.

While no single power controls Tal’hasra, it is evident the indigenous races of the continent have mastered to some degree a working scale of society that provokes the prevailing assumptions of the world. Dwarven kinsmen speak of treacherous cousins who rally behind dark doctrines, and often consort with evil powers. And Elves, whose colonization of outreaching islands speak of monstrous creatures lurking within reefs and coves, and do not dare to entirely map the continent. Mages of Azemora tell of mind-numbing exercises one must master before beginning to understand the foundations of Ozukai magic.

While others within the academy would debate the nomenclature of the races of Tal’hasra, I think it would be more prudent to ask the various societies themselves. As such, I have undertaken to do just so, while they hide within the libraries of Fahrunefell. I have spoken with the Yuan-ti, the Rakshasa, and, oh yes, the reclusive Illithid. The various rituals which go unspoken within academia shows a neglect of what could be gleaned from these races.

As Morgana the Heretic sets out in her Tal’hasra Nights, various races do have some mysterious origins that can only be explained from their own perspective. Until adventurers set out to find more, these dubious records of the necromancer remains suspect.


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