Metaphysics of Ar'dalan


The universe of Ar’dalan sits in a pocket of reality called the Prime Material plane. This plane is parallel to several other planes. It is assumed that the Sentiri utilized the knowledge of these planes to create the world of Ar’dalan. The specific nature of this formation is still debated, yet the results are apparent, with the will of the Sentiri felt through non-arcane magics. This, of course, is the premise for which the arcane is possible. For in all accounts of controlled measurements, matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed, except where magic is at play. And of that rule, the “divine” is at question, as both arcane and divine meet hand-in-hand in determining the essence of magic as being beyond “merely existing.”

Magic, in Ar’dalan, is an elemental phenomena that, in its true form, is called Mystrum. It is the essence of which all other things are made. As Raine writes in Arcana Clarified: Mystrum and Planar Integrity, quoted above, she addresses a fundamental oddity of the nature of magic. There is, without doubt, a general order to the universe that magic creates an exception to. It is in her works that many mages have found new methods of travel between the Prime Material and these parallel planes of existence. Theological debates, about whether the races dare to challenge the threshold of the Sentiri, often become silent, when recalling of divine Davas being “magically” called into being.

However, as mentioned earlier in her works, the divine will is the premise for all arcane teachings. Elven and Dwarven history are steeped in the pursuit of words of power, and are the early progenitors of arcane script. It would be much later, near the beginning of the Te’vala Dominion, when Dragons would introduce the required refinements to the art (ca. 1E9.23.448.) It is with this seeming attachment to ideas, and willful-intent, that brings about change in the world of Ar’dalan; without the effort and drain of the mechanical. This system of energy and transmutation provides problems, and solutions, in seemingly endless degrees. Yet it is still not removed, the idea, that the Astral is irrevocably tied to the Prime, and there, the Sentiri permit the essence of all things; even magic.

My travels were enlightening, not only from a magical perspective, but from a philosophical awareness, of what my research had been really leading to. The idea of the Sentiri on these planes register little effect in the perception of their own universes. While cultures describe divine-like mastery of the cosmos by similar entities, none of them rely on the Sentiri to explain their existence, at least not saliently, from the data collected. What is salient is a generalized portfolio, of these divine qualities.

From these Planes that Raine describes, Ar’dalan has had numerous recorded encounters with these colloquially termed (though apt), “planecrashers.” Demonic and Fiendish entities, along with the divine, have an active influence on Ar’dalan. Although, apparently, not of the Sentiri’s design. Whatever mechanism the Sentiri have implemented into their creation, it has let for a number of seemingly bizarre forms to enter our world; but not without great effort, as the cases afford. Yet the nature of both divine and arcane magics have similar, more than dissimilar, degrees of efficaciousness, on the banishment of these beings; which is also said for the races of Ar’dalan. That is, of the essential makeup of the races of Ar’dalan, is Ar’dalan itself; and the same is said of those from other Planes.

Metaphysics of Ar'dalan

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