Azemora is one of three continents upon the world of Ar’dalan. It is located north of the equator, nearing the polar cap. Much of the Glacial Seas are filled with stray ice-burgs and creates a dangerous voyage for these coasts. This creates a premium of navigable waters which surround the continent to the east, south, and west, where trade is free to occur, though safety is never guaranteed.

It has diverse biomes ranging from near-arctic conditions in the north, swampland and plains at its center, and jungles and deserts in the south. It is also a host for many mountain ranges, of which many clans of Mountain Kings have claimed for their own.

Azemora’s resources are diverse and plentiful, except for areas which have been mined for centuries. This has added to the list of grievances, shared on all sides, of the competing nations of Azemora. Many of Azemora’s ancient forests have been cleared by human expansion; a great insult shared by various races, and one which humans seem unapologetic. This has been the catalyst of many conflicts

While Azemora is claimed by three major political powers, it is prudent to note that not all self-governing entities are recognized on the major political stages, and oft are swept under the rug as conspiracies or rogue political movements. However, the continent itself is alive with the energy of magic, and seemingly fights back against human expansion. This dichotomy of human resilience and the magic of nature, and those who wield it, are a typical caricature of the continent’s people.


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